Message from the PICP

It is with joy that I welcome you to the RCCG Victory House website, the place for victorious people. As it is in every assembly, three (3) things you cannot take away from Victory House are that it is a place of - the Word, Worship, and of the Spirit & Power. All our programmes have been designed and tailored to suit these 3 major aspects of the church. As you step into our assembly, the atmosphere of love, friendship and fellowship fills the air as our Protocol team receives you with a smile, while the Ushers will lead you to a comfortable seat. With high praise and worship in the air, you will surely not want to sit but to join the people of God in praising the Most High. Our aesthetics, cool and cosy environment are not only meant to make you feel welcomed, but also to make you feel at home outside your home. For us every instrument used in receiving you, whether they are the Protocol, Ushers, Aesthetics, Music, Praise and Worship; are to eliminate every distraction and prepare your heart for the Word. At the end of the day, the salvation of your soul will be our greatest joy upon your visit. Welcome. Pastor Austin Ukaiwe Pastor in charge of Province RCCG Lagos Province 3


Open Heavens Devotionals

The Open Heavens for 2017 are now available!


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Join us today and worship with us

: The ministry of true evangelism is the ministry of reaching sinners out where they are with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelism is the fulfillment of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and the very core of the Redeemed Christian Church.

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Our Legacy

History of RCCG
God was the foundation as He called out a man.
One generation to another…
Today we who are the seed of Abraham by faith in Christ Jesus, enjoy the legacy of Israel.
For He hath remembered his covenant forever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.

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